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Leisa Schaim

Leisa Schaim
United States

Leisa Schaim is a Denver, Colorado-based astrologer with a particular interest in combining the best of both modern and traditional astrological approaches. She has a BA in Interdisciplinary Social Sciences from Antioch College and did graduate work in Religious Studies at the University of Colorado. She is the current presiding officer of AFAN, co-organizer of the Denver Astrology Group, and is a former board member of the Association for Young Astrologers.

Leisa Schaim

Lectures scheduled for Leisa Schaim:

Saturn Returns: Night and Day

Why are some people’s Saturn returns so difficult, while others emerge comparably victorious? Common wisdom says effort, but there’s actually a remarkable astrological tool to help distinguish between these. Sect, the difference between day and night charts, shows us how, as well as the shades of grey in between.

Sunday, November 20, 2016
Session 4, Room 3
  10:00 pm U.S. EST
  3:00 am GMT (Mon., Nov. 21, 2016)
  2:00 pm Australian EDT (Mon., Nov. 21, 2016)

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