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Rod Suskin

Rod Suskin
South Africa

Rod Suskin is South Africa’s best-known astrologer and has regular radio and TV slots there and has written columns and articles for many major publications including two of the biggest daily newspapers. Studying astrology since childhood, he has practiced professionally since 1989 and teaches a three-year online diploma course, based firmly in the traditional practice but aimed towards the 21st century astrologer. Rod was initiated as a traditional African shaman in 1982.

He is the author of a number of books on spiritual life as well as the astrology books Cycles of Life, Synastry and The Rules of Chart Interpretation. He also contributes regularly to a variety of publications in South Africa and was commissioned to write about the national chart for the official parliamentary newspaper. He recently completed an MA in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology at the University of Wales.

Rod Suskin

Lectures scheduled for Rod Suskin:

Strategizing Synastry

Relationship astrology demands a lot of work and involves a number of different techniques and charts. The end result is often overwhelming for both astrologer and client. Rod offers a practical approach to synastry techniques as well as to sorting through the wealth of information and devising a clear path through the data which keeps a sense of what’s important and gives greater clarity to your clients.

Saturday, November 19, 2016
Session 1, Room 3
  1:00 pm U.S. EST
  6:00 pm GMT
  5:00 am Australian EDT (Sun., Nov. 20, 2016)

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