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Wade Caves

Wade Caves
United States

Wade Caves is an astrological consultant, educator and international speaker specializing in horary, electional and classical astrological technique. Wade received his certification as a horary practitioner from Deborah Houlding’s School of Traditional Astrology (STA), and now serves as a faculty member and tutor for the STA in North America. Prior to this he was certified with distinction from the Mayo School of Astrology in London, and is well-versed in both traditional and modern psychological methods of chart delineation. Wade maintains an astrological practice based in San Francisco, CA. He can be found online at wadecaves.com and solarspindle.com.

Wade Caves

Lectures scheduled for Wade Caves:

Radicality in Electional Astrology

Electional astrology provides a unique opportunity for astrologer and client to work in step with the cosmic pulse. Though it is the most proactive form of astrology we have, it is underutilized and its promise often left unexploited. This presentation reaches back to examine the historical procedure of electing, in an attempt to highlight a crucial first step that has fallen out of modern practice and deserves re-introduction: adapting the election from a root chart.

Friday, November 18, 2016
Session 4, Room 3
  10:00 pm U.S. EST
  3:00 am GMT (Sat., Nov. 19, 2016)
  2:00 pm Australian EDT (Sat., Nov. 19, 2016)

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