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Colleen Coffey

Colleen Coffey
New Zealand

Colleen Coffey PMAFA DMASNZ QA FAA, is a Kiwi, a practicing professional astrologer of thirty something years -- many spent outside her native New Zealand. Her forte is developmental life cycles and planetary returns; her background is traditional astrology but applied with a psychological bias; her passion, perhaps because of her Cancer Moon is the Progressed Lunation cycle; her strength is an uncanny ability to reach others, client and student alike. Again living in Auckland her home town, she is involved with local astrological organizations, runs monthly workshops for intermediate and advanced students and writes for the National Publication.

Colleen Coffey

Lectures scheduled for Colleen Coffey:

The Hidden Dimension: The Lunar Phase Personality

The Synodic cycle between the Sun and the Moon is the simplest and most fundamental of all cycles. While there is much focus on the lunation cycle in mundane astrology, there is little attention paid to the phase of the Moon into which an individual is born. While house, sign placement and aspects obviously have great bearing, there are distinct patterns of behavior and attitude discernible from the angular relationship between the Luminaries at the time of birth. This lecture concentrates on the lunation cycle in natal astrology, firstly illustrating how the New Moon before birth influences the nature of the individual, and then tracking the personal traits of each phase as the Sun and Moon move through the eight phases from one conjunction to the next.

Sunday, November 20, 2016
Session 4, Room 4
  10:30 pm U.S. EST
  3:30 am GMT (Mon., Nov. 21, 2016)
  2:30 pm Australian EDT (Mon., Nov. 21, 2016)

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