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Kelly Surtees

Kelly Surtees

Kelly is a consulting astrologer, teacher, writer and editor who works with clients and students around the world. With more than 13 years in private practice, Kelly is experienced, warm and insightful. She loves exploring astrology’s history as well as escaping into the ocean. Kelly’s passion for astrology is infectious, and her specialty areas include incorporating traditional concepts and predicting, especially with progressions. She can be found meeting with clients and lecturing at conferences throughout the U.S., Canada and Australia. Kelly holds the Australian FAA Practitioner’s Diploma and is an expat Aussie who lives in Canada most of the year. www.kellysastrology.com

Kelly Surtees

Lectures scheduled for Kelly Surtees:

Five Things You Should Know About the Moon (But Probably Don’t)

As the fastest-moving planet, the Moon provides a wealth of information about your psyche, true motivations and what really drives you. But so often some of the key qualities of the Moon are overlooked for simple sign/house combinations. Dive into 5 essential factors of the Moon including speed, out of bounds, phase, movement and terms. Each of these 5 essential factors is highlighted, including chart examples showing these factors at work.

Sunday, November 20, 2016
Session 3, Room 1
  6:00 pm U.S. EST
  11:00 pm GMT
  10:00 am Australian EDT (Mon., Nov. 21, 2016)

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