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Bill Meridian

Bill Meridian
United States

Bill Meridian obtained his MBA in 1972 and began to study astrology in the same year. Bill first began applying computers to financial astrology in 1983, as he continues to do. Most recently, he has been making the analysis of first-trade horoscopes for stocks much easier by working with AstroApp.com; see the site for details. Bill has authored Planetary Stock Trading 4, The Predictive Power of Eclipse Paths, and Planetary Economic Forecasting. He was ranked number 2 in stock market timing in the USA in 2013 by Timer Digest. His study of the effect of the lunar cycle on stocks was accepted as part of accreditation for his CMT designation in 1994, a finding confirmed by studies at the University of Michigan in 2002. He currently is a fund manager.

Bill Meridian

Lectures scheduled for Bill Meridian:

The Saros Cycle

This is the great regulator of eclipses. See how each cycle creates a theme that can be reactivated in the future.

Friday, November 18, 2016
Session 1, Room 4
  1:30 pm U.S. EST
  6:30 pm GMT
  5:30 am Australian EDT (Sat., Nov. 19, 2016)

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